Cube x Hxro Rewards Campaign

Join Cube in an electrifying partnership with Hxro for a special two-week trading campaign. Dive into a world where trading and holding HXRO on Cube can give you exclusive rewards.

Cube x Hxro Rewards Campaign

Embark on a Two-Week Trading Adventure with HXRO and Cube!

Campaign Period

📅 Duration: Embark on this two-week journey, starting Friday, February 2nd @ 8:00 pm GMT to Friday, February 16th @ 11:59 pm GMT.

🏆 Rewards Pool: Weekly opportunity to earn your share of the $12,500 HXRO rewards pool.

How to Participate


Complete one of the following Reward Activities before the campaign expiration. Winners must comply with all terms to claim their rewards.

Reward Activities:

  • Trade:
    • Over $2,500 in HXRO: Earn 1,500 Cube Points.
    • Over $5,000 in HXRO: Earn 3,000 Cube Points.
    • Over $10,000 in HXRO: Earn 5,000 Cube Points.
  • Buy & Hold:
    • Maintain a balance of over $500 in HXRO for seven days: Receive 500 Cube Points.
    • Maintain a balance of over $2,500 in HXRO for seven days: Receive 3,000 Cube Points.

Claim Your Reward:

  • Complete at least one of the Trade or Buy & Hold activities.
  • Redeem 5,000 Cube Points and claim within seven days of the eligibility email notification.
  • Reward distribution will be calculated as:
    • HXRO Reward Pool / Total # of Claims (max value of $500 USD per distribution)

Your Rewards Await

💰 Earn HXRO: Participate in the campaign to claim your HXRO rewards.

🔗 Claim Process: Winners will have a 7-day window from the date the eligibility notification email is sent to claim their reward distribution.

Ready to Rise to the Challenge?

Step into the Cube x Hxro arena, where your trading skills can earn Cube Points and HXRO rewards. Begin your journey today and unlock the potential to earn exclusive rewards today!

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