Cube Exchange Fee Schedule

Effective as of January 15th, 2024


Cube Exchange implements trading fees determined by a proportion of the order size and trade side: maker or taker. Fees are paid in the receiving asset, recorded on CubeNet when your trade is matched, and automatically deducted from your MPC Vault at the time of net settlement of your match trade.

Fees are 6 bps(0.06%) on maker trades and 12 bps(0.12%) on taker trades.

Resting orders that provide liquidity on the order book are maker trades, while orders that take liquidity are taker. Limit orders priced beyond the current best bid or ask prices will rest on the orderbook. If eventually executed, these are maker trades. ‘Post Only’ order ensures you are always on the maker's side of the trade. Market orders, which accept the best available bid or ask price on a paid, is on the taker side. Market crossing limit orders, are also taker trades.

For example:

Trader A places a limit order selling 100 SOL priced at $100 USDC/SOL.
Trader B places a market order, which lifts trader A’s offer.

Trader A, as the maker, will pay a 0.06% fee on the received $10,000 USDC, total: 6 USDC

Trader B, as the taker, will pay a 0.12% fee on the received 100 SOL, total: 0.12 SOL


Users pay required blockchain gas fees to deposit into their MPC vault.

Withdrawal Confirmations
In Cube Exchange’s early access period, all withdrawal confirmation fees are free, paid for by Cube Exchange.

Type of TransactionFeeDescription
Maker Trade0.06% (6 basis points)Charged for orders that add liquidity to the market, like limit orders not immediately matched.
Taker Trade0.12% (12 basis points)Charged for orders that take liquidity away from the market, like market orders or immediate limit orders.
DepositBlockchain network fee (gas fee) Fee for depositing funds, which is the standard blockchain network fee.
Withdrawal Confirmations (During Early Access) 0FreeWithdrawal fees are currently waived during Cube.Exchange's early access period.

Maker Trades: These are trades where a trader adds liquidity to the market. Essentially, if you place an order that doesn't immediately match with an existing order, you're considered a "maker." Your order goes on the order book and waits for someone else to match it. For example, if you set a limit order to sell a cryptocurrency at a price higher than the current market price, your order will wait on the order book until a matching order comes along. Cube Exchange charges a fee of 0.06% (6 basis points, where 1 basis point is 1/100th of a percent) for maker trades. So, if you sell $10,000 worth of cryptocurrency, you'll pay a fee of $6.

Taker Trades: These occur when a trader takes liquidity away from the market. If you place an order that is immediately matched with an existing order, you're a "taker." This includes market orders, where you accept the best available current price, and limit orders that match immediately with existing orders. The fee for taker trades is 0.12% (12 basis points). For instance, if you buy 100 units of a cryptocurrency and the total value of your trade is equivalent to 100 units of that cryptocurrency, you pay a fee of 0.12 units.