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Best of both worlds
Harmonizing the precision of off-chain matching with the transparency of on-chain settlement, Cube delivers a trading experience that's both fluid and trustworthy. Experience the revolutionary fusion of the best from traditional finance and blockchain.
Tamper-proof, by design
Tamper-proof, by design
Cube ensures paramount security for your data and assets. Our multi-party-compute setup shields your funds, making every user action verifiable and secure. Our Guardians stand as stalwart protectors, ensuring every transaction echoes your intent.
Real-time visibility
Cube's open and auditable reserve system allows you to verify your assets on-chain for guaranteed peace of mind. Forget the days of uncertainty and embrace the future where transparency is the standard.
Blazing fast interactions
Cube is built for speed with snappy interactions and CPU-optimized rendering. Your orders are executed in a flash, setting a new standard for digital asset exchanges.
Boundless interoperability
Enjoy the luxury of trading assets across an array of blockchains, with seamless cross-chain conversions. Cube redefines user experience with a universe of trading possibilities at your fingertips.
Advanced trading interface
Cube's trading interface offers a holistic trading experience that combines an intuitive user-friendly design, powerful tools, and extensive customization options tailored to your needs.

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Buy, sell, and trade your favorite digital assets

Navigate the digital asset space with finesse. You craft the strategy, Cube provides the tools.

Cube Trading
Depth-chart trading
Never miss a beat with Cube's integrated depth-chart UI. Streamline your order placements and cancellations, placing you at the heart of real-time trading dynamics.
Level the playing field with the Equalizer, a tool crafted for the trader who refuses to be in the dark. Illuminate your positions, track your bids and offers, and visually ascertain where you stand amidst the competition.
Rich API access
Powerful and customizable, Cube's APIs cater to beginner and advanced developers. Trade, analyze data, and create trading strategies with ease.
Order-book Sweeper
Introducing the Sweeper tool, where innovation meets tradition. We've elevated the orderbook by allowing you to sweep multiple buy or sell orders with the click of a button.
Experience minimal fees and lightning-fast conversions between your favorite digital assets.
Experience the quickest way to diversify your digital asset portfolio with Cube's Bundles. In one swift transaction, you can own multiple assets, just as if you bought them individually.

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