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Cube is the smartest way to trade crypto. With built-in algorithms and one-click bundles, you can trade like the pros no matter your experience level. Create your free account and start trading.

Built-in algos.
Cube's advanced algorithms optimize your trading, ensuring efficient, strategic execution without the hassle.
One-click bundles.
Diversify your portfolio effortlessly with Cube's one-click bundles, tailored to your investment preferences and risk appetite.
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With Cube, transparency is paramount. Enjoy real-time insights into your assets and trades, ensuring peace of mind and informed decisions.
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Experience unmatched speed on Cube. Our platform's optimized performance means your trades are executed in the blink of an eye.
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Cube arms you with a suite of powerful trading tools, designed to give you an edge in the dynamic world of digital asset trading.
Earn reward points.
Trade, earn, and grow with Cube. Our rewards program turns every transaction into an opportunity for more.